St Patrick’s Day Crafts [Video]

St Patrick’s Day is an Irish holiday that is celebrated around the world and is very popular in the United States. It was originally a very religious holiday and the pubs were closed. Changed a bit over the years, hasn’t it? However you celebrate the day it’s fun to add some green to your house and wardrobe during the cold winter month of March. Here are 3 simple crafts to incorporate some green in your accessories and decorations for St. Patrick’s Day.

st patricks day crafts

Rather than spending a ton of money on St. Patty’s Day decor, I think my girls would love to craft this festive paper ring in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. Don’t have all of these supplies?  Not to worry, I think you could make do without the fancy paper punch and glue dots by cutting out flowers with scissors and using some other kind of glue.

Most kids LOVE to use paint, and with this handprint shamrock clover they can put the paint right on their hands and make something every mom & dad will want.

Make your home the envy of the Irish with these adorable mini St. Patrick’s Day hats.  While I think the little hats are a neat idea, but I don’t think I would wear it in my hair. On my table, desk, or shelf would be fine, but not my head.

Do you decorate for St Patrick’s Day? Dress up? Drink green beer?

Leave a comment and tell us how you celebrate it.