Get Psyched with an Energy Mantra

On the days when things feel really rough (and let me tell ya, I’ve had some rough days lately), it’s all I can do to drag my happy butt out of bed in the morning. Low energy, low motivation and stress have been tempting me back under the covers. Unfortunately I can’t always report for the day from bed.

Get Psyched with an Energy Mantra

But how do you find the energy and motivation you so desperately need?

A mantra, or simple chant, holds a subliminal power that when used properly lift your spirit and guide you towards your ultimate goals. Finding the energy to keep going needs to come from within yourself and a simple mantra can help do just that.

Consider an energy mantra as your one stop, all day source of energy. Put your desired energy mantra in place and use it when you feel the strain of the day or run low on motivation.

Discovering Your Energy Mantra

Mantras aren’t long winded verse. They are short phrases or even one word that symbolizes something of importance to you. Adjectives that can frame and describe your feelings and words that call you to action are best for a mantra. What feelings or strengths are you trying to achieve?

Create a list of words or feelings that move you positively or reflect the kind of energy you want to have and put a few selections together to form short mantras that you can conjur up and repeat when you need a boost of energy.

Some of my favorites mantras include:

  • Breathe
  • Gratitude (That’s my bracelet in the picture above!)
  • Just keep swimming
  • This too shall pass
  • Keep moving forward (which is just another version of just keep swimming. Man that Walt Disney guy was smart!)

Choose words that hold a meaning. They should uplift you and give you a kick of motivation or inspiration. You may want to write your mantras down or even program them into your cell phone so that you don’t forget them.

Psyching yourself up when you’re down can feel like a little silly in the beginning but once you have a couple of mantras in place to repeat and practice during those low times are the boost needed to move through whatever is weighing you down.

What mantras keep you moving forward when you run low on energy?

Reading When Extra Time is a Luxury

I have a sizable stack of books to be read on my nightstand. Next to it sits an even larger, slightly messy, pile of unread magazines. Slowly the number of magazines I subscribe to has grown to numbers I can’t seem to catch up with. Yet, I can’t bring myself to cancel a single subscription. What if I miss the most amazing chicken recipe Cooking Light has ever shared within it’s pages? What if Oprah has life changing advice and I decided to cancel my subscription? I collect books to be read at a rate I’m ashamed to admit. Cookbooks, fiction novels, non-fiction works, books about anything that catches my fancy.

When's a mom supposed to have time to read-

Once upon a time I was able to read all the books I wanted, I had time to read every article in every magazine that entered my mailbox.  Then I had a second baby and anything looking remotely like extra time flew out the window.  From early morning when the baby first wakes to bedtime I am on almost non-stop mom duty.   After bedtime is wrapped up, my husband and I set to work recovering the kitchen and living room from the dinnertime and after-school explosions.  Random laundry is folded or thrown in the washer and then I try to sneak in a bit of time to work.So, when is a mom supposed to find time to read?  I mean read a book, of her choosing, to herself.  It’s crazy, but my book club just keeps picking new books to read and I’m expected to actually read them. I thought book clubs were just cover stories for getting together with friends to drink wine without kids or husbands present?  Apparently not.Lately I’ve been working to peel myself away from the computer, smart phone or iPad at least a half hour before I should be in bed, this little chunk of time is all I need to read a couple of chapters in my new book or a handful of articles in one of those magazines. I’m slowly working my way through my towering nightstand piles. The extra-super bonus is I get a little down time to myself to relax and unwind at the end of the day. Now all I need to do is actually put the books down and not let myself read for hours after I should be sleeping.

How do you fit time to read in your day? 

Tell us in the comments and leave a recommendation for the next book I pick up!

How To Relax When You Don’t Have Time

how to relax when you don't have time

What’s your favorite way to relax? I’m guessing a warm beach with a cool drink is high on the list, but  I’m thinking more along the day-to-day line. Do you like to read or crochet? Maybe reality shows or baking help you relax. Bubble baths and candles are high on my list.

If you think that you don’t have time to relax then you need to stop right now and rethink some things. You need to give yourself a little down time each day if possible – even if you can only snag 15 minutes in the bathroom with the door locked. [I’ve heard there are some really good noise canceling headphones.]

I love the tip in this video for getting some alone time:

A tiny bit of down time doing whatever you want will pay you back in so many ways. Your health will be better – physically and emotionally; and you will be a happier mother for your family.