Make A Flower Out Of Plastic Spoons, Plates And Other Paper Products

There are so many uses for flowers – decorations, thank you notes, gift tags, etc. Here are some ways to make flowers out of ordinary paper products that we often have around the house.

paper products to flowers

We always have paper plates at my house, because I don’t like to do dishes. Now I know how to turn them into a cute flower.

If you don’t have paper plates – how about paper towels?

Just about everybody has regular paper that we use in the printer. That’s what she uses to make a flower in this video.

Next is plastic spoon flowers made over an open flame. Any pyromaniacs out there?

Of course I have to mention tissue paper flowers. My mother still remembers making thousands of tissue paper flowers for prom – and that was many years ago!

There are so many things you can use to make flowers – even toilet paper rolls – and you don’t have to buy anything. Have you ever made any of these flowers?