Get Psyched with an Energy Mantra

On the days when things feel really rough (and let me tell ya, I’ve had some rough days lately), it’s all I can do to drag my happy butt out of bed in the morning. Low energy, low motivation and stress have been tempting me back under the covers. Unfortunately I can’t always report for the day from bed.

Get Psyched with an Energy Mantra

But how do you find the energy and motivation you so desperately need?

A mantra, or simple chant, holds a subliminal power that when used properly lift your spirit and guide you towards your ultimate goals. Finding the energy to keep going needs to come from within yourself and a simple mantra can help do just that.

Consider an energy mantra as your one stop, all day source of energy. Put your desired energy mantra in place and use it when you feel the strain of the day or run low on motivation.

Discovering Your Energy Mantra

Mantras aren’t long winded verse. They are short phrases or even one word that symbolizes something of importance to you. Adjectives that can frame and describe your feelings and words that call you to action are best for a mantra. What feelings or strengths are you trying to achieve?

Create a list of words or feelings that move you positively or reflect the kind of energy you want to have and put a few selections together to form short mantras that you can conjur up and repeat when you need a boost of energy.

Some of my favorites mantras include:

  • Breathe
  • Gratitude (That’s my bracelet in the picture above!)
  • Just keep swimming
  • This too shall pass
  • Keep moving forward (which is just another version of just keep swimming. Man that Walt Disney guy was smart!)

Choose words that hold a meaning. They should uplift you and give you a kick of motivation or inspiration. You may want to write your mantras down or even program them into your cell phone so that you don’t forget them.

Psyching yourself up when you’re down can feel like a little silly in the beginning but once you have a couple of mantras in place to repeat and practice during those low times are the boost needed to move through whatever is weighing you down.

What mantras keep you moving forward when you run low on energy?