Stress Relief Through Organization

You might be thinking, “Wait a minute! This site is supposed to be all fun stuff for a break.

What’s this about organizing!?” Just bear with me for a bit.

I’ve tried this in my own life and I can say for sure that organizing your house will help with stress relief.

stress relief through organization


Just think about your day for a minute. 

(did you think about it?)

How much time do you spend…

  • …searching for things?
  • …helping your child look for things?
  • …looking at piles of things and wishing they weren’t there?
  • …feeling guilty because you ran late again?
  • …bouncing from chore to chore because you keep seeing other things that need taken care of?
  • …moving piles of things from one place to another?
  • …feeling bad that you forgot to do something?
  • …trying to figure out what to do next?

Once you have some organization in place you won’t have to use up all that time on those negative things! You’ll have more time to take a break and do something fun – like knit a felted lightsaber for a baby.

Now don’t let yourself get overwhelmed. Ten minutes focused on organizing or cleaning out each day will produce good results in a week.

Start with what is on your mind the most or what you feel the worst about. Make a list and prioritize things. Sometimes just getting things onto paper – or in the digital cloud – will clear your brain, help you focus, and provide some stress relief.

Ruthlessly clean out anything you don’t need or love. If you haven’t used it in a whole year get it out of your house! There are lots of places that take donations; most Wal-marts have a Salvation Army box in the parking lot.

Do you realize that if you pare down clothes for your family you will spend a lot less time on laundry and folding clothes? It’s true.  I like to aim for 7 – 10 outfits for each of us; that makes it so much easier for the kids to pick out their own clothes and do their own laundry.

Toys are another area that are just so-o much easier to manage if there aren’t a zillion of them.

  • Clean out that file cabinet or desk so you can get rid of that stack of papers on the counter.
  • Do you really need 25 different cleaners for the bathroom?
  • Plan a menu to save money on groceries.
  • On and on we could go…

Once you start organizing and cleaning out you will be more relaxed in your home and not have to run around in circles trying to get everybody out the door in the morning.

If you don’t have to stare at piles of stuff you will be able to focus better on creative things or business – and that’s where the fun comes in! Remember that it doesn’t have to be done all at once.

Even baby steps will get you there and help you feel like you are conquering your house.

I know there are tons of articles out there on this subject and you could spend all day reading about what you should do.

So don’t just read about it.

Get off your keister and go spend 10 minutes organizing something! Don’t worry about doing it “right;” just do it your way. Believe me – you’ll be glad you did and you’ll have the side benefit of stress relief.

How do you relieve stress?  Are there places in your house that just have to be organized?