Get In The Valentine’s Spirit With Romantic Movie Clips

movie clips for valentines day

I like cheesy romance. There I said it. In the afternoon when my brain turns to mush I can hide out in my room, put my headphones on, and watch some cheesy romantic videos on my laptop.

Surely, I’m not the only one…anyone? After I goe lost in Fantasy Land, I can put the laptop down and head back out to dishes, laundry, and more.  With a smile.

Here’s some that that make me smile or give me a warm, fuzzy feeling.

First a short film from Disney:

The line from the classic Princess Bride: “Death Cannot Stop True Love.”

Of course I have to include something from Pride & Prejudice. But what scene to pick? I like the second proposal in the early morning light as well as the scene at the very end where she is “Mrs. Darcy;” but I think that my favorite is when they dance together and everyone else disappears.

This is a 6 webisode series. Very cute.

What’s your favorite romantic movie?