5 Crafts You Can Make With Egg Cartons

Has anyone NOT made a caterpillar out of an egg carton? It’s an easy and fun craft that can be done with many different ages and however complicated you want it to be. Butterflies and bees are popular and fun too. Here are 5 other crafts you can make with egg cartons.

egg carton craft ideas from Mommy Needs a Break

Here’s an animal I would not have thought to use an egg carton for – a dragon. This video shows how to make a dragon puppet with an egg carton. I think kids would enjoy making it and playing with it.


How about an egg carton bus that they can put toys in and drive around?


Here’s a good classroom craft for the fall – egg carton apples:


Make your Christmas lights appropriate for spring by making these egg carton flower lights.


I’ve go to admit that this egg carton kitty is pretty cute.


Do you have a favorite egg carton craft? Is there one of these that you’d like to try?