DIY Confetti Garland

We go out of our way to celebrate the little things in life.  With busy schedules, these times together mean even more to us!  Our favorite family celebrations include the first day back in school,  loose tooth parties, and Friday family nights!  Sometimes our house is full of friends and sometimes it’s just us.  Either way, we love to celebrate life.

The costs of these celebrations can add up.  We keep costs low (and add a personal touch) by making most of the decorations and favors ourselves.  My goal is beauty, simplicity, and to ensure that they are easy to store (for reuse).

Today I’d like to share with you a “recipe” for the easiest confetti garland.

confetti garland

How-To Make DIY Confetti Garland

Supplies: cardstock, circle punches (or any other shape), and a sewing machine.

Confetti Garland Instructions

DIY Confetti Garland

We began by punching out two different sizes of circles.

I LOVE to make things with vibrant color!  Your colors will vary depending on your needs/the holiday.

confetti 2

Next, start running your paper confetti through your sewing machine.  This will not hurt your sewing machine and it will go fast.

confetti 3

It really is that simple!  When you’re done with the sewing step, get ready to hang.  You’ll need a few extra pieces of tape to keep these up.

DIY Confetti Garland

Confetti garland is the perfect touch for any celebration.  It brightens a room, takes up very little storage space, and it’s fabulously festive.  Go celebrate!

DIY Confetti Garland

Do you make homemade decorations to help you celebrate life?