Adorable Homemade Valentines – Target Dollar Spot Diaries

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but walking through stores you can easily find boxes and boxes of cheap valentines. I don’t mean cheap in the good sense of the word either – more like lame Batman or Barbie Valentine’s Day cards with perforated edges. By the time you’ve spent an hour in the Valentine’s day section of the store watching you child debate the merits of each type of cards and then argued over the $15 bag of treats they simply must get to hand out with their cards you’ve completely lost your mind. Not to mention you are now out $20 for some silly Bieber Fever cards and little bags of junk filled treats.

Cute, easy, and inexpensive homemade valentine's day cards

Target Dollar Spot to the rescue! For about $5 you and your child can join forces to make cute valentines complete with fun treat in less time than it would take them to decide on a lame pre-printed box of valentines.

What to grab from the Dollar Spot bins:

supplies need to make valentines

  • Valentine’s Day Pencils (they come in packs of 8)
  • 1 package of Acid Free Cardstock (comes in a pack of 12 sheets with 4 different Valentine’s day colors)
  • 1 package of Valentine’s Day Foam Stickers (These are optional but fun!)

The tools you’ll need:

supplies to make valentine's day cards

  • Black marker
  • Scissors or a paper-cutter
  • Hole punch
  • Pencil sharpener

Homemade Valentine Directions:

Easy creative homemade  valentines

Step 1: Cut the paper into roughly 1 1/2  to 2 inch wide strips. You’ll need one strip per valentine.
Step 2: Punch a hole in the top and bottom of the strips of paper, about an inch in from the ends.
Step 3: Write “I think you’re sharp!” and “From_______” using your child’s name on the paper strips, long ways. Add foam stickers if you like.

You're sharp valentines

Step 4: Sharpen the pencils.
Step 5: Feed the pencils through the holes of the paper strips so the message faces out.

Viola! Cute, inexpensive, easy and practical valentines thanks to the Dollar Spot at Target and about 20 minutes of your time.

The best part? If your kid can wield a pair of scissors and a pen on their own your home free to take a little break while they craft their cards!

Time, money and sanity saved.

Dollar Spot, will you be my Valentine?

Cute and easy homemade Valentine's Day cards

Have you figured out Valentine’s Day cards for your kids yet?

How to Knit a Lightsaber for Your Child

Because every baby needs a lightsaber!

How to knit a lightsaber

Wait, isn’t he the cutest Yoda you ever did see? I might be biased since he’s my son and all, but still. ;)

You too can have your very own cute Yoda baby! Act now! Don’t Delay! If you knit this lightsaber in the next 10 minutes we will throw in TWO of the same pattern…  

Sorry, the late great Billy Mays takes over my brain when I start hocking stuff.

Anyway…this galactically cute lightsaber would make even Yoda jealous!  Perfect gift for a baby shower or even your own Jedi in training.

Ahem… If you want to knit this adorable baby lightsaber, just


click here for the felted baby lightsaber pattern!


Pin the images if you want to show off to all your friends that you learned about this pattern first. ;)

how to knit a baby lightsaber



baby yoda

Knit this lightsaber, you will.


And then I crocheted a beard for my kid…

Because if you are 8 years old, why would you NOT have a red curly beard? I mean, duh!

I like to knit and crochet odd things. Fish hats that look like they are eating my kids head, salamander bookmarks that leave them flat and squished, a sweater for my iPhone, etc. etc. So when I saw this hat and beard on Ravelry?! I stopped everything I was doing that day and made it.

Crochet Viking Hats and Beards


Aren’t they awesome?! Yes, that’s me at the end. Hey, it was 10pm, I was wrapping Christmas presents and may have had one eggnog too much. ;)

To get the pattern for the Viking Hat check out Lael Viking Helmet.

The beard pattern is found here – Child’s Burly Beard and Moustache.

And the Lumberjack hat I got from Playin Hooky Designs.