Practical Joke: FAIL

After many years of a strict “no practical joke” moratorium in our house, I lifted the ban recently, feeling they were mature enough and mostly for my entertainment.

Now, pulling off a good practical joke in this house is next to impossible. I do have teen boys, both of whom are quite savvy when it comes to research and whathaveyou, so anything I come up with has do be either super old school or deep in the recesses of the WWW.

Scrolling through Facebook one night, I came across a hilarious practical joke via Roo of Neon Fresh (formally Nice Girl Notes). The gist is to get a hold of someone’s smartphone, load a picture of a broken screen, and then set up some scenario in which a phone would have become broken. 

With an ideal, yet simple plan, and my intended target picked (oldest son and his newly acquired with his  own cash, iPod), I set out to pull off the perfect practical joke.

And then it all went wrong.

  • Waited patiently for him to leave the iPod unattended. 
  • Snatched it up, pulling in the youngest son as my accomplice, having him hold the ear buds and pretend he didn’t see anything. 
  • Snuck off to the laundry room to get the picture, only to realize I didn’t knew the passcode to unlock the iPod. 
  • Remembered I can get to the camera function without the passcode.
  • Formulating Plan B, retreated back to the living room to grab my iPhone. 
  • Decided the only way to ensure little to no interruption is to hide in the downstairs bath. 
  • Son One is now looking for his iPod, knowing for certain he left it in a particular place. I lie and tell him he said he took it to his room, knowing it would buy me a few more minutes. 
  • Hide out in the bathroom, unable to get the photo I need. Return to living room.
  • Get back on laptop to narrow down the problem, unable to find Roo’s feed on Facebook.

Fast forward several minutes…


I used this photo. My hope was he would miss the odd placement of apps because of the cracks.

I finally find a picture that would do, take a picture off my phone with the iPod, then move around, like I “sat” on his iPod. I say, “Oh Son, I am so sorry. I found your iPod. I accidentally sat on it. GASP! Oh my! LOOK!”

He looks at me, almost with pity and says, “That’s not mine.”

In my shuffling around, had managed to pick up his brother’s. I never even noticed.

He looked at me one more time, shook is head slowly and walked out of the room.

Worse practical joke execution, ever.








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