Entertaining Kids on the Go – Target Dollar Spot Diaries

As moms we do a lot of hurry up and wait – hurry to get to the pediatrician on time so you and your kids can wait for 30 minutes in the waiting room before the Doctor can actually see you. Hurry and rush to the restaurant because the kids simply must eat now only to find that the restaurant is not moving at your desired speed. The post office, the bank, the grocery store, The DMV. Hurry, hurry, hurry. Wait, wait, wait.

As adults we’ve become accustomed to this waiting game – we know how to wait patiently for our turn. As parents we know that our children are not always likely to wait patiently, let alone quietly  We all have tricks to keep our kids entertained during unexpected down times. Of course a snack or two tucked into your purse can help make waiting easier but I have a different trick up my sleeve – The Quiet  Bag – and thanks to the Target Dollar Spot I’ve reinforced my supplies.
Entertaining kids with quiet bags .

A quiet bag is a small bag filled with something to keep your children occupied. The bag itself should be small and fit in your handbag or diaper bag easily; most importantly an effective quiet bag can save you from having to play 73 consecutive games of I Spy.

Some moms like to do a single activity in a bag and rotate activities to keep things fresh, however I like to use my quiet bag to arm myself with a handful of items to use in different ways.  I like to keep a small pack of crayons, stickers, a small notebook, a pencil and a few small toys such as dinosaurs, mini Lego men or mini My Little Pony figures. These basic things make for lots of possible ways to keep my kiddo busy.

Easy way to entertain kids on the go

Thanks to a quick look in the Dollar Spot at Target recently, I scored a new mini notebook, a Find the Match Activity pad, a Hidden Pictures poster, and a couple of fun pens that show different riddles when you click the pen in and out. These things coupled with the other items already in my little blue pencil bag – or as I like to call it, my arsenal – will keep my 5-year-old busy even if the kitchen is taking its sweet time making our dinner or the 14 people in front of me at the DMV are attempting the most difficult drivers license changes known to man.

What do you keep on hand to entertain your kids when you’re on the go?