Chickens And Poultry Day

poultry day

There are many serious ways to celebrate Poultry Day.

  • You could look up what “poultry” actually is: “Poultry meat is domestic or wild fowl that is grown or harvested for human consumption.” from
  • You could read about the best ways to raise ducks, geese, chicken, or turkeys; and maybe even emu, ostriches, and peacocks.
  • You could find new recipes for ways to cook poultry.
  • You could find out that there is a Poultry festival in Versailles, Ohio, that is celebrated in June – not March.
  • You could even learn that Poultry Day is the same as National Chocolate Caramel Day so it should be easy to plan a main course and dessert for March 19.

Instead of being serious you could celebrate Poultry Day by being silly.

If you like jazz –  sing along with Ain’t Nobody Here But Us Chickens:


Fan of the Muppets? Watch The Swedish Chef prepare Spring Chicken – emphasis on the spring:

And don’t forget to do the chicken dance on Poultry Day. Although I don’t think I would have wanted to get all dressed up for a wedding and dance like a chicken – these people had fun with it:

How are you going to celebrate Poultry Day? Do you like to do the chicken dance?