Reflect on the Positive

My husband often tells me that I think too much, but Mothers tend to reflect on a lot of things. We “reflect” on what that other mother really meant. We “reflect” on the question of what we should make our children for supper, or what we should give them for their birthday, or what we should let them do by themselves. We reflect on all that we should have gotten done that day; or why the neighbor didn’t wave.

think, do, be positive

Next time you have a couple minutes alone take some time to reflect on good things. Here’s some ideas to get you started:

Reflect on what you did get done – even the very basics! Today my children had clean clothes to wear and I fed them 3 meals. I was able to get a shower and get dressed. I was able to {insert household chore here} today.

Reflect on your good abilities. I am capable of being a loving mother, daughter, wife, etc. I love those around me and show that love in consistent ways. I know how to {insert what you do best here}.

Reflect on a favorite place. It could be something not near you – I love the beach sounds, smells, and sights. Or it could be something close by – I love the warm water and bubbles in this tub.

Reflect on something happy that happened that day. That bird outside my window was so pretty. When my child opened that present their eyes got wide and their face lit up. The blue of the sky was beautiful today.

Reflect on how you have helped others. It was good to give my friend a ride to pick up her car from the garage. My husband trusts me to take care of the children and house while he works. The neighbors appreciate that I kept my yard and house cleaned up today.

Now it’s your turn. What can you reflect on that is positive? Don’t let the negative thoughts intrude. Drown them in optimism while you reflect on the wonderful, capable woman that you are.