Fun Music Videos To Delay Housework

Fun Music Videos To Delay Housework

I like to waste time on YouTube. Wait – let’s call it an escape, a break, or a stress reliever; they sound better. Except, usually when my computer starts to emit noise my children come running, “What’s that Mommy? I want to watch.” Oh well, at least it keeps them quiet for 3-5 minutes.

One of our favorite channels to go waste time at is The Piano Guys. Me and My Cello is my favorite because of the story portrayed in the video – especially when the cello loses weight!

This one is fun because it is five guys around one piano. Please forgive me for getting a One Direction song stuck in your head, but isn’t it neat when he takes the cello bow and uses it on the piano!?

If you have Star Wars fans at your house you’ve got to show them this Cello Wars video. Darth Vader plays the accordion!

You can even justify it a bit if your children watch with you because you are furthering their music education, right?

I’d love to know what some of your favorite videos are to waste time – I mean relieve stress. Leave a comment and let me know!

How To Relax When You Don’t Have Time

how to relax when you don't have time

What’s your favorite way to relax? I’m guessing a warm beach with a cool drink is high on the list, but  I’m thinking more along the day-to-day line. Do you like to read or crochet? Maybe reality shows or baking help you relax. Bubble baths and candles are high on my list.

If you think that you don’t have time to relax then you need to stop right now and rethink some things. You need to give yourself a little down time each day if possible – even if you can only snag 15 minutes in the bathroom with the door locked. [I’ve heard there are some really good noise canceling headphones.]

I love the tip in this video for getting some alone time:

A tiny bit of down time doing whatever you want will pay you back in so many ways. Your health will be better – physically and emotionally; and you will be a happier mother for your family.