The Evolution of the Valentine’s Day Card: Eight Decades of Love

Valentine’s Day cards have come a long way.

Which decade has your favorite card?

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Embracing Retro Valentine’s Cards: Slacker Mom Confession

Last year was my very first Pinterest Valentine’s Day. I was inspired. I was MOTIVATED. I was smug.

Actually the cards that my son and I made together last year are a million kinds of adorable. The problem is that this year I have zero crafty mojo.

My son and I race through grocery shopping and I am catching myself slowing down in the red and pink aisle.

Remember when we were kids? Remember we just had those {insert character of your choice here} perforated cards that we hastily scribbled out names on and then folded over and jammed them into envelopes that were just a tad too small?

When I was a kid I was all about the numbers. We had bags on the back of our chairs and on February 14th we casually dropped cards into each other’s bags. We got home and did the math. “There are 26 kids in my class and I got 24 cards.” WHO DIDN’T CARD ME?!!!!

There was always someone who obviously had their Mom make and sign the cards. Personal messages? Seriously?

Then there were the cards with candy. BEST CARDS EVER. Who were they from? No idea. nom nom nom candy!!

So this is me slowly inching towards being that mom this year. Looks like I will get {cartoon character} cards and then go to town with candy.

Because, um, I am being retro.

How about you?  

What are you doing for Valentine’s cards this year?

The Single Mom’s Guide to Surviving Valentine’s Day

The Single Mom's Guide to Valentine's Day So. You’re a single mom. And it’s February. AWESOME.

I won’t lie, it can be hard.

Walking through every store this month you can’t help but trip over messages of LOVE.  Various brand e-mails will begin to arrive letting you know what items you may purchase for your sweetie to show him that you really care.

If you let it, this holiday can really rock making you feel like a loser. But I can help you! Seriously! Ready for it?

The Single Mom’s Guide to Surviving Valentine’s Day

STEP ONE: Love being a mom

That’s it!

Sure, it would be great to have someone to share a dessert for two with on February 14th. But I bet your kid/s will love that hot fudge brownie just as much as an absent husband/boyfriend would.

No. They would love it MORE.

Love is a many splendored thing and it does not need to be tucked away in a box waiting for a significant other. This year let go of what should have been, what might have been, and what never was.

Embrace the silliness, the magic, the adorableness, the perfection of your child.

You are their first love, you always will be. Celebrate it.

Four New Year’s Resolutions you have to break in 2013

glass of red wine

source: telos via stock.xchng

By now you’ve had time to do a gut check and figure out that most of your resolutions were made in a mid New Year’s drunken celebration. You’re neither ready, nor willing to go to the gym or give up your Facebook time.

With those harsh realities facing you, what’s a mom to do?

Break the resolutions. That’s right sister, know when to make em and know when to break em. Turn them into something you won’t feel guilty about actually keeping:

Here are four resolutions that get a Mommy Needs a Break Makeover.

Work Harder

Do you really want to run yourself ragged? I’m willing to bet you worked your fanny off last year and not only did you not feel rewarded but you felt used up and cranky. No one likes a cranky mommy. Work smarter this year. Delegate what jobs or tasks you can (especially if you’re a small business owner or freelancer) and focus on the tasks that mean the most. The minions kids can do more chores, help in meal time making, and whatever tasks you can pass along that don’t put them in danger or get CPS called on you.

Drink Less

Who are you kidding? That glass of wine every night is every much for your sanity as it is those around you. In fact, I’m ashamed that you would even think this is a good idea. Sometimes you just have to know when to keep a good thing going. I’m not even going to dignify this one with a replacement resolution.

Spend less time online

Don’t make me laugh. How would we even communicate then? This is akin to “unplug more” which you know is nearly impossible. Spend more time laughing – C’mon, you know that Facebook meme was hilarious and you know you want to share it. So go on, get your giggle on and send that meme my way!

Join a club

I actually love the idea of joining a club but what’s better than that? Start your own club. Be it books, wine, cheese of the month, or a mommy club, why not make your own? Not only will you still get the satisfaction of belonging to something but you’re in charge of it, meaning you can help it grow in the direction you envision.

Crafts I Should Be Making

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Source: via Michelle on Pinterest


In my non existant free time I like to beat myself up over all of the crafts that I should be making with my toddler son. Pinterest is my favorite tool for flogging as I can always find SOMETHING on that site that makes me feel like a crap craft parent.

Pin after pin shows up in my Pinterest feed showing smiling happy people with toilet paper rolls or empty milk jugs or the dreaded “great idea for the busy box” comments.

Crap. I don’t have a busy box. I don’t even know what that IS. So minus three points for that. (what? You don’t keep score?)

I should be finding time to smock up and get my craft on. I should have shelves dedicated to crafty supplies. I SHOULD be making things with empty milk jugs.

But, in reality, the big craft day in our house is when we get a delivery and I let my son play with the empty box until recycling day.