How to Knit a Lightsaber for Your Child

Because every baby needs a lightsaber!

How to knit a lightsaber

Wait, isn’t he the cutest Yoda you ever did see? I might be biased since he’s my son and all, but still. ;)

You too can have your very own cute Yoda baby! Act now! Don’t Delay! If you knit this lightsaber in the next 10 minutes we will throw in TWO of the same pattern…  

Sorry, the late great Billy Mays takes over my brain when I start hocking stuff.

Anyway…this galactically cute lightsaber would make even Yoda jealous!  Perfect gift for a baby shower or even your own Jedi in training.

Ahem… If you want to knit this adorable baby lightsaber, just


click here for the felted baby lightsaber pattern!


Pin the images if you want to show off to all your friends that you learned about this pattern first. ;)

how to knit a baby lightsaber



baby yoda

Knit this lightsaber, you will.


Easy Instagram Photo Collage

Okay, so you’ve spent the last three months taking hundreds and hundreds of holiday photos through Instagram, but now what do you do with all of them?  If you’re like me, you’ll probably just stash them away in a hard drive never to be touched or, sadly, looked at again.  You don’t have to let all those priceless memories go to waste though; make a collage for your wall to help you remember all of these memories for a lifetime.

Create an easy instagram photo collage

Create an Easy Instagram Collage Print for Your Home

instaport your instagram photos

Step 1:  Download all of your Instagram photos (you should do this anyway, because those are YOUR photos, not Instagram’s.) with an app like Instaport.

Use ipiccy to create your collage

Step 2: Open up your favorite photo editing software to create a collage. I use because it’s free and I love free.  Remember to keep your images in the collage as large as possible so the finished product is as clear as possible.  Shutterfly requires that the finished product be at least 2000×1600 for quality purposes, so keep that in mind while creating your masterpiece.

Step 3: Add your favorite images.

order your instagram collage

Step 4:  Order your collage through Shutterfly (or your other favorite photo printing site.). For a limited time you can receive 1 free card from with promo code CARD4U.

easy instagram photo collage

Step 5: Place in your favorite 11×14 (or larger) frame and hang.  Enjoy the beauty year round!

See? Super simple Instagram Collage!

*Disclosure: Affiliate codes used.*

Getting Organized for a Few Bucks – Target Dollar Spot Diaries

The other day turned into a day of running errands. I pulled up in front of Target loaded the baby into a big red shopping cart, grabbed my purse, and the slippers I needed to return. Returning mens slippers is what happens when your husband doesn’t seem to know his own shoe size even though you called and asked just to be sure when you bought them in the first place. Obviously, that is neither here nor there. After finishing up my return at Customer service I had the opportunity to make one of two choices: Turn and walk back out the door, load the baby in the car, and head to our next destination, or just take a quick look around the Dollar Spot just a couple feet away. We all know it’s never just a quick look, right? This time was no different. My quick look turned into a few excellent finds in the Dollar Spot to help keep me organized. Of course just a quick walk around the rest of the store where I may or may not have ended up with a few other things in my cart followed.

To Do List and Schedule Notepads

Typing is great, but my first loves are good old pen and paper. Making a list on a piece of paper makes me feel like I’ve got my life together. Thanks to my Dollar Spot purchases I have a cute to do list pad of paper to help keep me motivated and a daily schedule pad to help me plan out my days more efficiently. Now I can schedule important things like:

  • 9:00-10:00am: Maybe the baby naps, if she feels like it
  • 3:30pm: Don’t forget to pick up the kindergartener, the school frowns on leaving them there
  • 6:30-7:00pm: Hope and wish and pray the husband is washing the dinner dishes.
  • 7:30pm: Kid’s bedtime, celebrate with lots of chocolate

To top it off I snapped up a few magazine file boxes to keep my five-year-old’s growing collection of Highlights magazines and self-written, drawn and stapled books neat and tidy. Piles of random papers spilling from bookshelves stress me out. Magazine file boxes to the rescue.

Magazine Files

I always leave the Dollar Spot feeling like I just found buried treasure.

Where do you find your best treasures?

Fun Crafts With Toilet Paper Rolls

Quick Toilet Paper Crafts

Crafts are enjoyable to me, but I don’t have a lot of time to work on them. When I do decide to be crafty it needs to be easy and not take a lot of fancy craft things that I just don’t have and don’t want to buy because they will sit around and collect dust until the next year I decide to do a craft. Here are some simple crafts that you can make in minutes with basic craft supplies and not a lot of expense. The main items in each are toilet paper tubes and a family can collect a bunch of those in no time!

Wall art with flowers:

10 projects from striking to silly that can be used for many occasions.  They include: mini pill boxes, wreaths, wall art, advent calendar, fun creatures, ornaments, mini photo album, organizers, and napkin rings. [You don’t really need to have the volume on for this video; it’s only music playing. The words are all in captions.]

Do you like science things? Make a spectroscope from a toilet paper tube and a cd:

Perhaps you like to garden – you can use toilet paper tubes and newspaper to make seed starters and get a head start on your tomatoes:

Some butterflies to make with the kids for Valentine’s Day, Easter, spring, or summer…you get the idea:

So what do you think? Would you – or have you already – made any of these?

And then I crocheted a beard for my kid…

Because if you are 8 years old, why would you NOT have a red curly beard? I mean, duh!

I like to knit and crochet odd things. Fish hats that look like they are eating my kids head, salamander bookmarks that leave them flat and squished, a sweater for my iPhone, etc. etc. So when I saw this hat and beard on Ravelry?! I stopped everything I was doing that day and made it.

Crochet Viking Hats and Beards


Aren’t they awesome?! Yes, that’s me at the end. Hey, it was 10pm, I was wrapping Christmas presents and may have had one eggnog too much. ;)

To get the pattern for the Viking Hat check out Lael Viking Helmet.

The beard pattern is found here – Child’s Burly Beard and Moustache.

And the Lumberjack hat I got from Playin Hooky Designs.