5 Crafts You Can Make With Egg Cartons

Has anyone NOT made a caterpillar out of an egg carton? It’s an easy and fun craft that can be done with many different ages and however complicated you want it to be. Butterflies and bees are popular and fun too. Here are 5 other crafts you can make with egg cartons.

egg carton craft ideas from Mommy Needs a Break

Here’s an animal I would not have thought to use an egg carton for – a dragon. This video shows how to make a dragon puppet with an egg carton. I think kids would enjoy making it and playing with it.


How about an egg carton bus that they can put toys in and drive around?


Here’s a good classroom craft for the fall – egg carton apples:


Make your Christmas lights appropriate for spring by making these egg carton flower lights.


I’ve go to admit that this egg carton kitty is pretty cute.


Do you have a favorite egg carton craft? Is there one of these that you’d like to try?

DIY Gift Baskets – Target Dollar Spot Diaries

My daughter is not a big princess fan. She likes them just fine but if given the choice she would rather play dinosaurs or make art than pretend to be a princess or fairy. But as a five-year-old kindergartener she has a lot of friends who do love princesses, fairies and basically all things Disney. Also, as a five-year-old kindergartener she gets invited to what seems like a never-ending stream of birthday parties. All these parties and party gifts add up, so what is a mom on a budget to do? Target Dollar Spot to the rescue!

For less than $10.00 we were able to load up on a bucket load of goodies fit for a princess, or a six-year-old who thinks she is a princess at the very least. You read that right, our fun Disney themed gifts were pulled together for $8.00! Thankfully Target has their bins stocked with a variety of Disney items right now, 101 Dalmatians  Princess, Lion King, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan and more. 

Simple tips to make your own fantastic gift baskets from MommyNeedsaBreak.com

Making an inexpensive, attractive, and fun gift basket is simple when you follow these tips. 

1. Pick a theme and feel and stick with it. Not everything we picked out for our girly bucket was Disney princess but everything fits in with out princess theme. It’s good to keep colors in mind too.

2. Choose a cute basket, tote or box to arrange your gifts in. It will help pull everything together and dress up the items in the basket. Luckily the Dollar Spot always seems to have a variety of items that fit this bill perfectly. 

3. Pick out all the items for your gift and then take a moment to arrange them in your chosen basket or box before leaving the Dollar Spot, this will give you the chance to grab one more little thing to fill things out or put something back if you’ve grabbed too many items. Taking a minute to do this could save you a trip back to the store.

What are your favorite gifts to give for children’s birthday parties?

Tips for hosting a fantastic Easter Brunch, the Easy Way

Hosting Easter brunch this year? The secret to a throwing  fantastic brunch all while saving time and your sanity is to keep it simple. I’ve scoured Pinterest to bring you  only list you’ll need to brunch with the best of them! 

Keep it simple! Menu and decor tips for a fantastic Easter brunch

First and foremost pick a simple menu. As a general guide try serve at least four or five dishes. Only serve one or two dishes that require cooking immediately before serving. Everything else should be easily thrown together before guests arrive or made the day before. If you want to make it even easier make it a potluck and delegate specific dishes or types of dishes for guests to bring.

Egg – Eggs are a brunch must. A quiche or fritatta are the best and easiest ways to serve eggs for a crowd. Denver mini fritattas and Greek fritattas are quick and easy to make and are sure to disappear before your eyes.


Fruit – A fresh fruit salad is easy and delicious. Plus it adds a beautiful spring pop of color to any buffet table. 


Vegetable – Of course there are always vegetable trays, which are easy to put together or buy, but a simple green salad or even asparagus topped with feta and almonds will fancy up your menu without much effort. 


Meat – Smoked salmon is an excellent way to serve an amazing meat without having to cook a thing. Ham is obviously an Easter favorite too, so if you and your crew are set on ham a simple glaze can dress up a plain old ham.


Bread – An easy quick bread such as hearty whole wheat banana bread, or mixed berry flax muffins can be made in advance and will be enjoyed by everyone. 


Cocktail – Celebrate the day with a simple and elegant cocktail. A Kir Royale is a step up from your average mimosa. Serve a selection of fresh fruit juices and coffee as non alcoholic options.

Source: allparenting.com viaCatherine on Pinterest

Sweet treat – Be sure to include at least one dessert like treat in your brunch line-up. Something fun such as Crispy Treats Easter Nests or a more traditional Wicked Easy Carrot Cake will add a perfectly sweet ending to your Easter festivities.

Source: sophistimom.com viaCatherine on Pinterest

Secondly, set a lovely and simple table. A lovely table can set the mood for a gathering. The key is to keep it simple. By staying simple you’ll pull off a fun look all while saving time.

Add a table runner. A table runner adds a little oomph to a holiday table and instantly dresses everything up. Don’t have a table runner? Lay a length of 10-12 inch wide burlap or colored tulle down the center of the table letting it generously hang over the edge. If you want to take it a step further gather and tie a ribbon or piece of twine around the burlap or tulle 6-8 inches below the edge of the table. 


Flowers keep things fresh. Use a bright springy bouquet of tulips of daffodils as a main centerpiece. 


Add a bit of whimsy. These peep and jelly bean filled mason jars make for a fun touch. And best of all then the festivities are over you can send them home with guests!


With a little thought simple can be quite fantastic. And lovely. And very tasty!

What are your favorite brunch dishes to serve? Do you have any tips for hosting a fantastic brunch?

5 Easter Bunnies Crafts to Keep You Hopping [Video]

easter bunny crafts

Easter is on its way and the Bunny himself will be here before you know it!  If you’re looking for quick, easy, and adorable Easter crafts you can do with your children (or on your own), you’ve come to the right place! We’ve collected five of our favorite Easter Bunny craft videos from YouTube and we’ve got something for everyone: from simple crafts to cute crafts, useful crafts, and decorative crafts. 


Cute Craft: Make a Bunny costume:

Useful Craft: Turn a washcloth into a BooBoo Bunny that will be useful after Easter time:

Decorative Craft: Bunny Bunting for your mantel or another place in your house:

Accessory Craft: Easter bunny hair bow:

Super Simple Craft: Draw a cartoon bunny with only a marker and paper:

Have you made Easter bunnies before? What’s your favorite way to craft them?

St Patrick’s Day Crafts [Video]

St Patrick’s Day is an Irish holiday that is celebrated around the world and is very popular in the United States. It was originally a very religious holiday and the pubs were closed. Changed a bit over the years, hasn’t it? However you celebrate the day it’s fun to add some green to your house and wardrobe during the cold winter month of March. Here are 3 simple crafts to incorporate some green in your accessories and decorations for St. Patrick’s Day.

st patricks day crafts

Rather than spending a ton of money on St. Patty’s Day decor, I think my girls would love to craft this festive paper ring in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. Don’t have all of these supplies?  Not to worry, I think you could make do without the fancy paper punch and glue dots by cutting out flowers with scissors and using some other kind of glue.

Most kids LOVE to use paint, and with this handprint shamrock clover they can put the paint right on their hands and make something every mom & dad will want.

Make your home the envy of the Irish with these adorable mini St. Patrick’s Day hats.  While I think the little hats are a neat idea, but I don’t think I would wear it in my hair. On my table, desk, or shelf would be fine, but not my head.

Do you decorate for St Patrick’s Day? Dress up? Drink green beer?

Leave a comment and tell us how you celebrate it.

DIY Confetti Garland

We go out of our way to celebrate the little things in life.  With busy schedules, these times together mean even more to us!  Our favorite family celebrations include the first day back in school,  loose tooth parties, and Friday family nights!  Sometimes our house is full of friends and sometimes it’s just us.  Either way, we love to celebrate life.

The costs of these celebrations can add up.  We keep costs low (and add a personal touch) by making most of the decorations and favors ourselves.  My goal is beauty, simplicity, and to ensure that they are easy to store (for reuse).

Today I’d like to share with you a “recipe” for the easiest confetti garland.

confetti garland

How-To Make DIY Confetti Garland

Supplies: cardstock, circle punches (or any other shape), and a sewing machine.

Confetti Garland Instructions

DIY Confetti Garland

We began by punching out two different sizes of circles.

I LOVE to make things with vibrant color!  Your colors will vary depending on your needs/the holiday.

confetti 2

Next, start running your paper confetti through your sewing machine.  This will not hurt your sewing machine and it will go fast.

confetti 3

It really is that simple!  When you’re done with the sewing step, get ready to hang.  You’ll need a few extra pieces of tape to keep these up.

DIY Confetti Garland

Confetti garland is the perfect touch for any celebration.  It brightens a room, takes up very little storage space, and it’s fabulously festive.  Go celebrate!

DIY Confetti Garland

Do you make homemade decorations to help you celebrate life?


Make A Flower Out Of Plastic Spoons, Plates And Other Paper Products

There are so many uses for flowers – decorations, thank you notes, gift tags, etc. Here are some ways to make flowers out of ordinary paper products that we often have around the house.

paper products to flowers

We always have paper plates at my house, because I don’t like to do dishes. Now I know how to turn them into a cute flower.

If you don’t have paper plates – how about paper towels?

Just about everybody has regular paper that we use in the printer. That’s what she uses to make a flower in this video.

Next is plastic spoon flowers made over an open flame. Any pyromaniacs out there?

Of course I have to mention tissue paper flowers. My mother still remembers making thousands of tissue paper flowers for prom – and that was many years ago!

There are so many things you can use to make flowers – even toilet paper rolls – and you don’t have to buy anything. Have you ever made any of these flowers?

Craft Hand Made Memories

I had a Sunday School teacher that told us to color things the way they really are, but to a 5 year old that was more of a restriction than an encouragement. I didn’t purposely mis-color things. In my mind I was just making the picture pretty, and why couldn’t the tree be a beautiful purple?

hand made crafts


I hang on to that memory for times when my children are crafting and I think, “Why did they make that so silly?” To them it might not be silly; it might be beautiful. As the mom, I have had to learn to let them make their craft what they want it to be; to wait until they asked for help.

I also hang on to that memory for when I’m teaching 3-5 year olds. It’s more important for the craft to be created by them than for all the lines to be straight and the pieces to match perfectly. After one or two times of telling the 3 year old that he can’t cut he won’t even try the next time. It’s not always easy for me to let them present a glue saturated, crinkled paper to their parents; but the pride of creating is easy to see on their face. The parents would rather see something their child has obviously done themselves, rather than something the teacher stuck together. And wouldn’t you feel the same?

I’ve found that crafting with little ones is a whole different ball of wax. It’s not about the “oh so cute” end product. It’s about the journey, the time together, the talk & laughter, the learning, and the joy of creating.

So take a break from your life inside the lines, get a bunch of newspaper to cover the table, and let them craft away. You’ll make memories for years to come – along with a big mess, but you can clean that up later.

Do your children like to color outside of the lines of what we think of as “normal”?

Free Valentine’s Day Printables and Worksheets from Pinterest

valentines day printables and worksheets

I am a huge fan of all things printable, just ask my kids, so every holiday I scour Pinterest for the cutest printables and most fun holiday worksheets to use with my family.  I’m sure you feel the same, so I rounded up some of my favorite Valentine’s Day printables and worksheets just for you!

Fab Cool Kids Valentine’s Day Printable Cards


Pop Pop Pop! Valentine’s Day is popping with these fun Valentines!


My love for you to infinity and beyond. Print this out for your home this Valentine’s Day!


Treat that special someone to Valentine’s Day breakfast in bed in style with these adorable print-outs.


Valentine’s Day Writing Worksheet


I’ll never forget how much I love you!


Valentine’s Day Addition Worksheet for Early Elementary School


How many hearts? Valentine’s Day worksheet


Valentine’s Day reading worksheet

Valentine’s Day is such a fun holiday filled with love and the opportunity to share our feelings with those closest to us.  We can do that through lovely printouts, fun Valentine’s Day gifts, and even through the homework we assign at home.  Enjoy!  And feel free to leave your favorite Valentine’s Day printable links here!

Adorable Homemade Valentines – Target Dollar Spot Diaries

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but walking through stores you can easily find boxes and boxes of cheap valentines. I don’t mean cheap in the good sense of the word either – more like lame Batman or Barbie Valentine’s Day cards with perforated edges. By the time you’ve spent an hour in the Valentine’s day section of the store watching you child debate the merits of each type of cards and then argued over the $15 bag of treats they simply must get to hand out with their cards you’ve completely lost your mind. Not to mention you are now out $20 for some silly Bieber Fever cards and little bags of junk filled treats.

Cute, easy, and inexpensive homemade valentine's day cards

Target Dollar Spot to the rescue! For about $5 you and your child can join forces to make cute valentines complete with fun treat in less time than it would take them to decide on a lame pre-printed box of valentines.

What to grab from the Dollar Spot bins:

supplies need to make valentines

  • Valentine’s Day Pencils (they come in packs of 8)
  • 1 package of Acid Free Cardstock (comes in a pack of 12 sheets with 4 different Valentine’s day colors)
  • 1 package of Valentine’s Day Foam Stickers (These are optional but fun!)

The tools you’ll need:

supplies to make valentine's day cards

  • Black marker
  • Scissors or a paper-cutter
  • Hole punch
  • Pencil sharpener

Homemade Valentine Directions:

Easy creative homemade  valentines

Step 1: Cut the paper into roughly 1 1/2  to 2 inch wide strips. You’ll need one strip per valentine.
Step 2: Punch a hole in the top and bottom of the strips of paper, about an inch in from the ends.
Step 3: Write “I think you’re sharp!” and “From_______” using your child’s name on the paper strips, long ways. Add foam stickers if you like.

You're sharp valentines

Step 4: Sharpen the pencils.
Step 5: Feed the pencils through the holes of the paper strips so the message faces out.

Viola! Cute, inexpensive, easy and practical valentines thanks to the Dollar Spot at Target and about 20 minutes of your time.

The best part? If your kid can wield a pair of scissors and a pen on their own your home free to take a little break while they craft their cards!

Time, money and sanity saved.

Dollar Spot, will you be my Valentine?

Cute and easy homemade Valentine's Day cards

Have you figured out Valentine’s Day cards for your kids yet?