And then I crocheted a beard for my kid…

Because if you are 8 years old, why would you NOT have a red curly beard? I mean, duh!

I like to knit and crochet odd things. Fish hats that look like they are eating my kids head, salamander bookmarks that leave them flat and squished, a sweater for my iPhone, etc. etc. So when I saw this hat and beard on Ravelry?! I stopped everything I was doing that day and made it.

Crochet Viking Hats and Beards


Aren’t they awesome?! Yes, that’s me at the end. Hey, it was 10pm, I was wrapping Christmas presents and may have had one eggnog too much. ;)

To get the pattern for the Viking Hat check out Lael Viking Helmet.

The beard pattern is found here – Child’s Burly Beard and Moustache.

And the Lumberjack hat I got from Playin Hooky Designs.